Poker Fraud Alert’s Todd Witteles Is A Hypocrite

Todd Witteles hypocrite

Todd Witteles Off The Chart On Hypocrisy Meter

With the lies and misleading information spewed by John Sepulveda and Todd Witteles surrounding my concerns about Vegas Poker Radio and Poker Fraud Alert it’s important the truth is told.

If you don’t know the back story read this: Todd Witteles, John Sepulveda Poker Forum Tycoons.

My concerns were not just about a humorous gif created from a video I made years ago. That is a lie repeated by Jasep and Druff.

John Sepulveda Todd Witteles

Jasep’s Empty Suit

The truth is both John and Todd knew I was concerned about an escalating campaign of harassment against me and my family. They knew this because I sent each of them several messages explaining how this ‘joke’ was getting out of hand.

I received (and still receive) a plethora of threatening messages and emails. One phone call I received contained a warning message that people were breaking into my house and my neighbor’s home.

The cyber stalking, persecution and invasion of privacy goes far beyond just copyright infringement and forum humor. The emails, messages and phone calls contain threats and the most vile and despicable content imaginable.

I have a thick skin but what’s the purpose except to intimidate and harass? Why do they have to include my family in this cyber badgering?

Todd Witteles ignored my pleas and refused to remove or stop the incessant posting of my personal private information, photographs of my home, my family, my work history, my full name, personal details and more.

Witteles and some of his sycophants on Poker Fraud Alert have erroneously stated that I posted Todd’s family information on PFA. I didn’t.

Long after I recognized Todd was not going to stop encouraging the harassment I did mention the name Abraham in a podcast chat room. The chronology is important because that occurred long after my personal and family information was plastered all over Poker Fraud Alert.

Poker Fraud Alert’s Rules state:

Personal information. Don’t post phone numbers, addresses, or workplace information. Also don’t post anyone’s full name or picture if they haven’t made it public. Definitely do not post any information about anyone’s family members, including pictures, names, or anything else about them.

Obviously Todd Witteles broke and allowed some of his members to violate these rules. Todd Witteles is a hypocrite.

While corresponding with John Sepulveda about how concerned I was with my private and family information being mentioned on Vegas Poker Radio Forum he finally agreed to remove it all and not allow it in the future. We had an agreement.

However he broke his word and continued posting and allowing others to plaster my information on VPR. As of this writing Jasep is still publishing photographs of me, my brothers, my nephews, my friends, my home and more.

Recently he published my home telephone number, my brother’s full name and his telephone number. He also published my brother’s company name, address and phone number. John Sepulveda also published my email address as well as my brother’s email.

I’ve documented all the harassment. I have the emails, etc. Here’s a small sample:

your mom sucks more dick than the patriots you old loser hahaha….patriots raped like your whore mother


your mother rots in the ground like the trash she is how many dicks did that slut suck in her life?

My Mom is very much alive and quite healthy thank you. Here’s one the same person sent about my Dad:

Your dad raised you to be a bitch. We should all piss on his grave. Where is your bitch dad buried? He needs to be pissed on.

I have many more but you get the point. Todd Witteles and John Sepulveda may have sent these types of messages (and many more) or are responsible for encouraging some their forum members to do so. I don’t have all the facts yet.

After all this John Sepulveda made the misleading claim on Vegas Poker Radio Forum that I published his name, former address, his daughter’s mother’s name and address. He implied that he is a victim!

The truth is, in a recent article, I linked to a Rhode Island newspaper story that published this information because they were reporting about a crime, a felony fraud arrest, that John Sepulveda committed! Did he harass and cyber stalk the owner of that newspaper when the story first broke?

The harassment continues. Some idiot created an account on Metacafe video site under my real name using my complete personal details. He then posted a harassing video about me. Todd Witteles continues to promote that phony account on his poker forum Poker Fraud Alert. The good folks at Metacafe were very helpful in removing that fake account.

Another genius from Poker Fraud Alert built a complete but phony website full of my personal information and photographs of me, my family and my home. I’ve had that intrusive fake website removed but Todd Witteles continues to promote it on Poker Fraud Alert.

As soon as this hate campaign and harassment began I repeatedly and respectfully asked Todd Witteles and John Sepulveda to put a stop to the constant posting of personal, private information about me, my family, my work, my friends and my home.

They refused. I hold them both directly responsible.


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