Johnny Sep We Hardly Knew Ye

John Sepulveda

Six Toed Pete KO’s Jasep

Vegas Poker Radio Forum owner John Sepulveda, aka Jasep, aka JohnnySep used his poker forum and podcast to launch a campaign of hate, harassment, lies, persecution, copyright infringement and invasion of privacy against me.

As you’ll discover in this article. I fought back with the truth and I won.

Both my family and I have been the subject of vile, threatening, slanderous and libelous communications. Messages, calls, emails, photographs, fake websites, phony video accounts and more.

Sepulveda’s forum friend and part-time radio co-host, Todd Witteles, owner of Poker Fraud Alert, is also responsible for this despicable behavior. It was Witteles’ website and podcast that served as the genesis for this campaign of hate and persecution.

As this ‘joke’ grew into a tidal wave of harassment against me and my family I politely asked Jasep and Todd to stop using their forums and podcasts for this behavior. They refused so I was left with no choice but to defend myself.

I received great help and advice from the authorities and my lawyer. I am also grateful to members of the poker forum communities who offered their support as well as valuable information about John Sepulveda and Todd Witteles.

Every action I took was legal and ethical. Here are the results concerning Vegas Poker Radio and John Sepulveda.

All my personal, private family information has been removed from Vegas Poker Radio Forum. Jasep might spin why he deleted all the offending material but I assure you he removed it because I made him remove it. He knew the legal consequences he faced had he not complied and he decided to do the right thing.

Because he lied about me I decided to tell the truth about John Sepulveda. I didn’t reveal his entire criminal record even though it is public record; I revealed his felony fraud conviction because he was soliciting funds from unsuspecting investors on a website, Poker Fraud Alert, that is supposed to expose shady dealings in the poker world.

Todd Witteles was asleep at the wheel on PFA. At times Witteles vouched for Jasep before vetting him. Both allowed cross postings between their respective forums and appeared together part-time on poker podcasts.

My story about Jasep caused a whirlwind of speculation, questions and concerns across many poker forums and websites. More truths about Jasep, his shady past and questionable activities sprung up in the forums. He is still taking a well deserved pounding around the web.

Shortly after taking down the infringing material about me and my family from Vegas Poker Radio Forum he decided to remove his entire website and cease all activity in his $5000 BAP, ProjectSep!

He came up with some apocryphal tale about being followed and threatened. This guy has more excuses than Carter has pills.

The irony is that Poker Fraud Alert, Witteles’ forum, is now catching up and leading the way in exposing Jasep. What many PFA members don’t realize however is that I am the catalyst for much of the truth about Jasep being posted there.

I don’t participate on PFA but I have contacts and friends or associates of other PFA members who are dripping more truths about Jasep daily. Some of the posters there don’t even know I’m the source of many of the facts being revealed.

I’ve been standing back like an orchestra leader watching and listening as the woeful Johnny Septic Tank symphony reaches crescendo after crescendo on PFA.

I achieved my goal with Jasep. I’m very pleased with the outcome. However there are other PFA members who are angry that Jasep took advantage of them. There will be more to come about Mr. Sepulveda. This time from other PFA members who feel mistreated by him.

Jasep started this. I finished it. His true colors have been exposed, his website Vegas Poker Radio is on the way out, his BAP has imploded and his partners, investors and podcast co-hosts have abandoned him. He’s toast although the excuses and lies keep coming.

I can now concentrate on defending myself against Todd Witteles’ harassment and cyberstalking. I hope he does the right thing. He knows what he should do. You listening Dan Druff?

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