Greg Raymer Arrested By Barney Fife In Prostitution Sting

Greg Raymer

“Gotcha Fossilman!”

First we learn poker player and disgraced poker forum owner Todd Witteles was bewildered by two prostitutes when he patronized a Las Vegas watering hole at 5AM and now 2004 WSOP Main Event Champion Greg “Fossilman” Raymer is arrested for soliciting prostitution?!

What’s going on with poker players and hookers? Well in Todd’s case it’s understandable that he couldn’t spot two Las Vegas Hos at 5AM because he’s the “Poker Fraud Sleuth” who promoted and partnered with friend and podcast co-host John Sepulveda who defrauded the 22Q Children’s Charity Fundraiser and multiple BAP projects. Witteles is just an inept, incompetent buffoon who is widely considered a laughingstock in the poker community.

However, Greg Raymer has always seemed to be an intelligent, capable guy. So what happened?

Earlier this week Raymer and five other men were arrested at a Wake Forest, NC hotel for soliciting prostitution. Greg was also charged with a crime against nature (oral sex?).

Later Bill Crabtree, spokesman for the Wake Forest Police Department, said Raymer went in front of a judge Thursday, March 14 to post his $1,000 bond. He’s scheduled to return to court Thursday, April 18.

Is this really such a big deal? Certainly Greg, a married man, has some explaining to do at home but that’s between him and his wife.

The truth is that there was no prostitute, no sex for money nothing really except an advertisement placed by the police and a hotel room paid for by the cops.

There was no history of prostitution at that hotel until the police set up their “prostitution” sting. In fact Police Chief Jeff Leonard admitted to the press:

“In this instance, we conducted the operation at a local hotel with its full cooperation. We are not aware of this type of criminal activity ever occurring at the hotel. Our officers selected the hotel for the undercover operation at random.”

As Mayberry’s Gomer Pyle would say, “Gollyyy!”

Hey, I support the brave men and women in blue but was this really the best use of police manpower, resources and crime fighting tactics? Aren’t there more serious issues and crimes the Wake Forest PD could be preventing and investigating?

Greg Raymer has been a good ambassador for poker. He has been very active in worthy charities and a solid supporter of The Poker Players Alliance.

I believe he’ll get past this arrest with little or no long term damage to his reputation or career. Maybe down the road even Mike Matusow will rib Greg about the time he got busted by Barney Fife’s prostitution sting.

For the record Greg Raymer seems contrite. In a statement to ESPN’s Andrew Feldman, Wade M. Smith, Greg Raymer’s lawyer said this:

“Mr. Raymer is very sorry for this lapse in judgment. He regrets deeply the pain he has caused his family, friends and fans. Mr. Raymer is grateful for the many expressions of support he has received.”


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