Todd Witteles John Sepulveda Update

Todd WittelesRemember our pals Todd Witteles aka Dan Druff and John Sepulveda aka Jasep?

Witteles runs the disgraced poker forum Poker Fraud Alert while Sepulveda, Todd’s former PFA radio co-host has been reeling since I exposed his @ $15,000 fraud perpetrated on Poker Fraud Alert and the now defunct Vegas Poker Radio Forum.

Well both have been misbehaving again.

Todd Witteles was banned from the Two Plus Two poker forum after he published a false story on PFA that accused a casino poker room manager of theft.

Witteles was forced to retract the erroneous information he had published.

Here was my take on Witteles’ latest blunder as I posted on 2 + 2:

What bothers me about Druff’s false accusation about the Palms Casino poker host is how, once again, he jumped to a damaging conclusion with no proof to back it up.

About a year ago he and his frequent podcast co-host Jasep did the same thing to me. That didn’t work out well for them.

I just don’t give much weight to Druff’s poker fraud alerts because he often shoots (himself in the foot) first and asks questions much later.

My take on him is after a fortuitous yet serendipitous opportunity to appear on a popular national news program years ago about online poker site scams, Druff felt he had been anointed Poker Fraud Czar. His 15 minutes of “fame” seemed to go to his head.

The irony is he started a poker forum that was awash in poker scams, frauds, cheating methods and every type of dirty deed, pornography and racism one could imagine.

I realize the largest poker forum,Two Plus Two, has a small percentage of questionable members. That’s normal because the membership here is huge. This site is policed well but naturally some will fall between the cracks.

It’s a different story with Druff’s poker forum. Not only is it populated with poker cheats, scam artists, and grifters…the owner allows them to commit, boast about and publish step by step details and instructions for some of their frauds, cons and swindles. His forum title is incongruous and paradoxical with what occurs there regularly.

I exposed all this last year. Druff has attempted to improve his jacket by disassociating himself from his part time podcast co-host Jasep (who swindled @ $15,000 from phony BAPs, a children’s charity and more) and attacking those who have reported the truth about him and his poker forum.

He has become ever vigilant in sniffing out “breaking poker fraud stories” to restore his reputation. I believe that was why he jumped all over the Palms Casino poker host “theft report” before verifying the truth.

In my opinion he has earned the right to be designated “The Inspector Clouseau Of Poker Frauds”.


It’s been a tough year for Todd Witteles. He wanted to be known as one who exposed poker fraud but in fact he allowed it to run rampant on his poker forum Poker Fraud Alert.

Searching for a way to improve his tarnished reputation he then committed a serious gaffe by publishing a false story about theft.

Not even a misleading puff piece article by Chad Holloway can improve Todd Witteles’ reputation now.

Regarding John Sepulveda, I have not discovered any criminal charges filed related to his admitted theft of thousands of dollars from his Ironman Podcast and poker tournament for the children’s charity the 22Q Foundation.

However a criminal complaint was filed at the Cranston, RI Police Department against a John Sepulveda on January 23, 2014 for SIMPLE ASSAULT/DOMESTIC and REFUSE/RELINQUISH PHONE/DOMES.

A NO CONTACT ORDER was issued that same day.

The case was disposed on February 26, 2014. The NO CONTACT ORDER was removed and terminated and the case was dismissed with charge and disposition changes.

Although this latest criminal case is listed in the public record along with John Sepulveda’s other charges including felony identity theft and others I cannot report definitively it is John Sepulveda aka Jasep because there are conflicting year of birth entries under the same public record. Sometimes it’s listed as 1980 and other times 1985.

COMING SOON: Todd Witteles Threatens Me For Writing This Update.

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