Todd B. Witteles Portrait Of A Cyberstalker Part 3 Has Long Ugly History Of Sleazy Behavior

Todd Witteles cyber stalker wsop

Todd B. Witteles

Todd B. Witteles of Las Vegas, Nevada threatened and harassed five other people during past several years after they made critical comments. Poker blogger, yours truly, is the sixth and latest victim of Todd B. Witteles, the thin-skinned poker forum operator who was the subject of well researched, accurate and honest articles on Six Toed Pete blog.

There is a long ugly history of sleazy behavior by WSOP bracelet winner Todd B. Witteles against folks who happened to write or do something Todd didn’t like. Todd has been a one man wrecking machine crushing free speech that he disapproves.

Todd B. Witteles Revealed:

Todd Witteles poker cyber stalker

UPDATE: Witteles calls my home 23 times from 4:32 AM to 9:15 PM

In Todd Witteles Part 1 and Todd Witteles Part 2 of this expose I revealed how Todd launched a campaign of hate, harassment, lies and cyberstalking against me just because I wrote a few honest, accurate articles about him. He failed to cite any mistakes in my blog posts but that didn’t prevent him from trying to silence me.

He stole personal, private information including internet and cable invoice data, home addresses, work information, photographs and more of me and some of my family members. He then published this private information online along with outrageous lies that I was a life long, senile scam artist. On many occasions he has burned up my phone line with a staggering amount of non-stop harassing phone calls. He has tormented my family members over the phone as well.

A few days ago Todd sent me an email stating he approves of a Poker Fraud Alert post calling my 89-year-old Mother a “dirty c*nt” (slur is not redacted on PFA) and will continue to publish it on his forum.

On Poker Fraud Alert he posted an ad offering to pay $2000 to anyone willing to do a “job” on me. He listed my full name and home address elsewhere on his forum but here is one of his threats directed at me:

Todd Witteles cyber stalker threats

Click image to enlarge

Another member of Witteles’ forum 4Dragons chimed in that for $2000 “you could have someone killed”.

Todd Witteles threatens murder?

Click image to enlarge

Then another member “Sanlmar” mentioned that a similar threatening ad was posted on Craigslist.

Todd Witteles uses Craigslist to hire hit man?

Click to enlarge image

According to these posts on Witteles’ (aka Dan Druff) poker forum, Poker Fraud Alert, Todd has advertised for his forum members who live in my area (New Hampshire) and people who read NH Craigslist to do a “job” on me for $2000. Notice in the above comments that “DRK Star” refers to “Chuck”, which of course is me. Witteles published my full name, addresses and much more private information in numerous posts and threads on his forum.

(UPDATE: Shortly after Todd placed his threatening ad a man tried to break into my home late at night. He repeatedly banged and kicked my door and when I asked who was there he shouted profanities demanding to be let in. I had no idea who he was but I knew he was trying to break in. I called the police who arrived very quickly but were unable to apprehend him after a thorough search. The police made a full report.)

These are just a few of the threats and lies Todd B. Witteles has plastered on the internet about me. Read Part 1 and Part 2 for the complete list of despicable, vile and illegal actions he has committed against me and my family.

Witteles did this so he could approach me later to bargain his removal and cessation of the lies, threats and cyberharassment against me for my deletion of honest, truthful articles about him. Yes, extortion.

Todd Witteles, aka Dan Druff, has a reputation for this type of cowardly conduct. Indianaslim described this in a DonkDown (Todd’s previous forum) post two years ago:

Todd Witteles Dan Druff cyber stalker

Click image to enlarge

“Toots777” was a member of one of Todd’s previous forums. She is a cute girl who attracted attention from Todd Witteles. He showed so much interest that he flew to Texas to meet her.

As it played out it appeared “Toots777” didn’t share the same romantic hopes Todd held in his heart. Let’s just say things didn’t work out well. Was that the end of it? Did Todd move on? Hardly.

“Toots777” and Todd were members of the same forum so naturally there was interest about this Texas rendezvous. Before “Toots777” could spill the beans about the Texas tryst to other forum members, Todd sprang into action.

Reportedly Witteles was so upset he threatened to tell the Father of this woman’s child that she was an unfit Mother. Todd was going to say “Toots777” was partying and neglecting her child. She was going through a rough child custody battle with her ex at the time and Todd knew this.

Todd used this threat to prevent “Toots777” from writing about their meeting in Texas. It worked. Toots777 vanished from the forum for a while. When she finally returned (after agreeing to Todd’s extortion) she posted this:

Todd Witteles threatens single Mom

Later in that Donk Down thread Toots777’s real life friend GAMBLE-BOT tried to provide a little cover for Witteles but the general consensus was that Todd was the person who threatened her.

Another victim was Marty,  a legend in the poker forum world. He and Todd have had a long running beef well documented over several poker forums.

Marty is an interesting character who certainly was guilty of questionable behavior when defending himself against Witteles’ attacks. Some rooted in his frustration with Todd plastering his private, personal information all over the internet. Todd also defamed Marty with outrageous accusations, insults and slurs. Although Marty, aka Tyde, is a controversial character many enjoy his contributions on poker forums.

Cyber and real life stalker Todd Witteles called Marty’s Mother and sister several times.

Witteles actually stalked Marty’s place of residence, made a video of his apartment complex and posted it on YouTube. Some posts that refer to Witteles stalking Marty aka Tyde:

Todd Witteles stalks critic

Click image to enlarge

Todd Witteles trespasses stalks critic

Click image to enlarge

Is it any wonder Marty was exasperated and infuriated with Todd Witteles?

Forum member “MWH72” was another victim of Todd Witteles. His crime? He made some jokes about Todd’s girlfriend and posted a picture of one of Todd’s relatives that was already in the public domain. Todd tried to claim that Picasa photo sharing album service had a software meltdown and published the picture to the general public by mistake.

Granted “MWH72” had needled Todd Witteles on poker forums in the past but it was humorous, often extremely witty and benign compared to what Todd did to him and others. “MWH72” made several jokes about Todd’s girlfriend Miri and some at Bryan Micon’s wife Martha’s expense. The two women took it all in stride; Todd went on monkey tilt. Here’s what Martha said after Todd banned “MWH72” for telling jokes:

Bryan Micon wife Todd Witteles

Click image to enlarge

Miri felt pretty much the same but after banning “MWH72” Todd decided to trash him and his wife. Witteles called him a failure, a loser (labels he uses for all his critics) and promised to contact his friends, family and anyone acquainted with “MWH72” by sending them flyers. Todd posted an ad on Donk Down seeking help from anyone willing to assist him in harassing MWH72’s personal contacts.

Todd obtained some private, personal information about “MWH72” and his family including his inlaws. He published that information online including his latest forum Poker Fraud Alert.

Todd degraded MWH72’s wife by posting she was only useful for a one night stand. He then repeatedly insulted her for the way she spoke English. Here’s one of Todd Witteles’ (aka Dan Druff) insulting posts about MWH72’s wife on Donk Down:

Todd Witteles insults married woman

Click image to enlarge

MWH72’s wife actually speaks two languages fluently (English is her second language). I’ve never met her but I’ve seen her photograph taken with her husband “MWH72”, Brandon “Drexel” Gerson, Leslie, Micon and Martha. She is a lovely woman. Here’s what Drexel said about “MWH72” and his wife:

“Mwh is a really friendly and cool guy. His wife is not only very beautiful but very sweet and friendly as well.”

“MWH72” made another witty wisecrack about his girlfriend and posted the public picture of Todd’s relative mentioned above. Ironically by this time Todd’s girl had already dumped him yet he repeatedly threatened “MWH72” by telling him he had hired four goons to have a “little talk” with him during his next trip to Las Vegas.

Witteles knew he would have zero chance man to man with “MWH72” so he implied a physical threat against him using four hired thugs.

Here’s one of Todd’s threatening posts and MWH72’s witty retort:

Todd Witteles coward threats

Click image to enlarge

Todd continued to harass “MWH72” after Todd started his new forum Poker Fraud Alert. There he started a thread where he “corresponded” with another member purporting to be “MWH72”. In fact it was a dupe account created by Witteles so he could reveal MWH72’s real name along with personal, private information about him and his family. Todd has used this tactic to reveal my personal information as well.

Witteles was ridiculed by several of his PFA members for this childish trashing of “MWH72” but I thought forum member “Steve-O” said it best with this post:

Steve_O criticizes Todd Witteles

Click image to enlarge

Another victim of Todd Witteles’ harassment was”BeenStaring”, aka “BeenStarring” aka “Been”. His crime? A joke he mentioned in an AIM chat room. He had the audacity to challenge Todd’s girlfriend Miri to a foot race.

Witteles was so angry he offered money through his poker forum to anyone who would provide Been’s personal, private information. I wonder what Todd planned to do with it?

Here’s what Todd aka “Druff” posted via a cross posting from “blake” on the old Boris Poker:

Dan Druff poker Todd Witteles threats

Click image to enlarge

There’s a clear pattern to how Todd Witteles deals with criticism. Obtain critic’s personal, private, family information. Plaster it all over the internet. Defame the critic and his family with lies about how he is a loser, a failure, a fraud, a scam artist. Degrade him, his wife…it doesn’t matter because all are fair game for Todd’s vengeance. Pen an article, make some jokes, reject his romantic advances, slight him in any way and Todd will react out of all proportion to the perceived peccadillo. He will then bargain his harassment, threats and lies in exchange for his critic’s silence.

Another example of this is how Todd Witteles treated another victim, Colleen. Her crime? Todd thought she was too condescending when posting about her artistic talent. Plus she once roomed with Todd’s pal, Ken Scalir and according to Todd, didn’t pay her share of the rent and phone bill.

I don’t know what agreement Colleen had with Ken regarding their living arrangement but I do know Ken was infatuated with her. Without getting into that hornets nest of a “relationship” I think it’s fair to say both were guilty of wrongdoing.

However, Ken is Todd’s (some say only) friend and I believe Todd has genuine affection for the guy. Google Ken Scalir and you’ll discover he’s quite a character. He’s a quirky, well educated man who never gets the girl.

Even if we accept Todd’s claim that Colleen used Ken’s romantic desire for financial gain, was Todd’s treatment of her fair? There were claims she falsely reported Ken for an alleged sexual attack plus she used anti-semitic slurs against Todd (some said Colleen was also Jewish but I don’t know if that’s true). I don’t condone any of that but I also know Colleen has a different version of what really occurred.

It’s not surprising Colleen was angry and upset with how she was treated on Todd’s poker forum. Todd and his forum posted topless pictures of Colleen then photoshopped other womens’ private parts onto her photos and artwork. She was ridiculed mercilessly.

Todd felt she deserved this treatment because according to him she had too great a feeling of entitlement. So he dug up her art school history and published it online. Why was whether she graduated from this or that art school really any of Todd’s business? No one doubted her artistic talent.

Todd published Colleen’s private voicemail messages online. He trashed her on his forum and on his poker podcast. Even if she did some of what Todd claims, did she warrant such humiliation, degradation, invasion of privacy and misogyny?

Todd gave this explanation in one of his hateful posts about Colleen on Donk Down:

“…we milked it for entertainment…”

So with me, that makes a half-dozen victims of Todd Witteles’s harassment, cyberstalking, defamation, threats and extortion in the past few years.

As one poster recently said on Tyde Poker:

“Todd really should sit back and ask himself why so many people despise him”

UPDATE: After a disastrous 2014 wsop Todd Witteles sat down and penned an embarrassing pity post on his poker forum. He railed against all his critics including me as he blamed everyone but himself. He admitted few if any visit his poker forum and lamented about closing it down forever.

Todd Witteles Rejected By Female Poker Player Who Refused To Meet Him At WSOP


14 comments for “Todd B. Witteles Portrait Of A Cyberstalker Part 3 Has Long Ugly History Of Sleazy Behavior

  1. anonamous4
    May 12, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    Wow, just Wow.

    Clearly, Todd Witteles is a horrible person, best avoided, Todd Witteles has many autistic,tendencies, which explains his well-documented immature and antisocial behavior, but he’s also proven himself to be mean and vindictive to the extreme. He’s very, very sick and it would take many years of psychotherapy to rehabilitate this monster.
    Best Wishes and be safe Pete.

    • SixToedPete
      May 13, 2014 at 4:07 pm

      I agree. There is something very wrong with Todd Witteles’ psyche.

  2. May 13, 2014 at 1:29 am

    There is also that girl who had bad plastic surgery and didn’t like Todd. Todd loves to post a picture of her in a new thread to point this out whenever he comes across a new picture of her.

    • SixToedPete
      May 13, 2014 at 4:09 pm

      Thank you for this information. If anyone has a link please post it in a comment.

  3. more cowbell
    May 13, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    Skeeter is referring to Chantel Mcnulty who no longer has any desire to participate in forums yet Todd still can’t resist starting threads about her, ‘less than flattering’ plastic surgeries despite her desire for privacy.

    Todd also still loves posting Jennicide gossip in his forum, despite the fact she stopped participating in forums many,many years ago.

    Todd wants privacy for himself, but for others, he shows no consideration whatsoever.

    • SixToedPete
      May 13, 2014 at 9:58 pm

      Thank you. I agree, Todd Witteles is a hypocrite.

  4. Colleen
    September 12, 2015 at 11:30 pm

    Thanks for this post. Todd Witteles is simply a misogynist and picks on women. Since the day I met ken, he had been spewing hate and venom on me before I even knew who he was. As I noticed you posted about me calling a false attack on Ken, mind you, this was probably a good year and a half after his friend Jason (who is now dead) had sexually abused me.
    Everyone who knows ken thinks he is a goofy, kind hearted man, He is not. He is self centered, obsessed, and extremely willful and manipulative. The things these people have put me through have been enough to warrant a restraining order. But Todd had always threatened and badgered me into thinking that “The cops will do nothing for me” and “The cops will laugh at me” after all the years of suffering and abuse I put up with. Ken had even allowed his friends into my belongings to rummage, steal, and take my personal photographs and put them on the internet.
    I suffered daily sexist putdowns on my intelligence, my artistic ability, and was told I would never make it as an artist. Called a bimbo, a dumb dumb, Todd had also stated I was “marginally talented” and “no genius” Since then, my art has sold worldwide and still continues to. Also, to this day, Ken still insists on being in my life, thought I don’t want anything to do with him. Usually, when someone wants to be left alone, and when someone refuses to, that warrants a restraining order. He refuses to take no for an answer. That is grounds for stalking behavior.
    Funny that through all this, I was called the psycho.
    all this had happened long long before I ever snapped and called a sexual attack

    • Colleen
      September 12, 2015 at 11:52 pm

      There were times that I assume yes, They were helping ken on a financial manor, but I think they lacked the understanding that I was a young woman who wasn’t in the ability or maturity to hold up my end. I was in my 20’s, the bulk of the recession, a struggling college student who had nothing or nobody, I didn’t have family and I didn’t even want Ken. They had resentments but didn’t see things from my end, and I didn’t see things from theirs. Anyhow this was a long time ago, a painful dark time, it’s over. I’m doing well now.
      Todd and I are not enemies but Ken is still obsessed ten years.

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