Dana White Predicts Cyborg vs. Rousey 2 Million PPV Buys

Ronda Rousey Cris Cyborg 145lbs

Cyborg and Rousey are both natural 145lb fighters

In a recent Bleacher Report article Nathan McCarter writes that Dana White Predicts a Rousey-Cyborg PPV Would Reach 2 Million Buys

Here are my thoughts on this news and how it should influence Cris Cyborg’s dialogue with the UFC to make this super fight happen.

Dana White is engaging in hyperbole but his rhetoric is interesting because it reveals his excitement and desire to make a Cyborg vs. Rousey happen soon. I predicted his eventual enthusiasm for this super fight a while ago even as he was shielding Rousey in her efforts to avoid Cyborg at 145lbs.

White’s willingness to make this big money fight plays right into Cris Cyborg’s wish to compete against Ronda at 145lbs. I doubt the PPV buys will even approach 2 million but I know it will be a huge money maker. So big that Dana will offer this fight to Ronda Rousey with the stipulation it be at 145lbs (or possibly 140lbs with a 1 lb allowance).

Cris doesn’t want Ronda’s 135lb belt, she just wants a fair fight. Cyborg must stick to this demand and never, ever budge. She must be 100% committed to walking away from the fight contract if the UFC and Rousey do not agree to her demand of 145lbs (or 141lbs).

This super fight, which Dana and the UFC have started to salivate over, CANNOT and WILL NOT happen unless Cris Cyborg agrees to it. Cris must be strong and steadfast about the weight limit no matter the pressure from a whining Rousey, a protective UFC, biased press, Rousey fans or anyone.

If Cris Cyborg does this she will know without a doubt that she has the power in these negotiations. Accede to Cyborg’s fair and reasonable demands or kiss your (2 Million PPV buys?) super fight goodbye. If Cris Cyborg and her team are smart, and I know they are, this is how the negotiations will occur.

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