Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor – Rib Injury UFC 189

Jose Aldo rib injury

Jose Aldo

UFC 189 is scheduled to take place at the MGM Grand Arena on July 11. It has been the most expensively promoted event in UFC history.

However one of Aldo’s sparring partners seriously injured Jose’s ribs in training. Now the main bout on the UFC 189 card is in jeopardy.

What initially was thought to be a fractured rib has now been revealed to be bruised ribs with serious rib cartilage injuries. Jose Aldo insists he will fight Conor McGregor on July 11 but the UFC has signed up Chad Mendes as a possible replacement should Aldo be unable to compete.

Over on Bleacher Report Jonathan Snowden has penned an excellent article on how these developments have affected this much anticipated match up.

Conor McGregor Is No Longer Fighting the Real Jose Aldo—And That’s a Shame

Although doctors have determined there is no fracture to Jose Aldo’s ribs, the rib injury they did find is very serious and extremely painful.

The only treatment is rest and normal recovery time for a rib cartilage injury is 3 to 4 months. UFC 189 is 15 days away.

UFC fighters are rugged and durable athletes who often endure injuries while fighting in the octagon and Jose Aldo is tough as they come. However unless he is permitted to benefit from intercostal nerve block with local anesthetic and corticosteroids I don’t see how he can fight effectively on July 11. Still, Jose Aldo is resolute about competing at UFC 189. Aldo may want to battle but the Nevada State Athletic Commission could determine that he is not healthy enough to compete as late as the UFC 189 weigh-ins on July 10th.

Some point to Donald Cerrone’s latest UFC victory when coach Greg Jackson claimed Cowboy fought with a serious rib injury. I don’t doubt that but Jackson never revealed the exact injury while admitting it occurred half way through his preparation…which was much further out from the fight than 15 days.

Chad Mendes is on stand by. There’s a good chance he gets the call to replace the injured Jose Aldo. Chael Sonnen correctly points out that PPV money is also a huge factor but admits Aldo’s determination and desire to fight could still be trumped by the athletic commission’s refusal if he doesn’t pass the UFC 189 pre-fight medicals on fight week.

UPDATE: Now medical reports reveal Aldo did fracture his ribs.

Jose Aldo’s medical report indicates fracture, final decision to be made next week

Jose Aldo out of UFC 189; Chad Mendes meets Conor McGregor for interim belt


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