Fighting Ronda Rousey? Ben Fowlkes, what is wrong with you?

David Tank Abbott and Ronda Rousey

Tank Abbott and Ronda Rousey

Recently MMAJunkie scribe Ben Fowlkes criticized veteran MMA fighter Tank Abbott for responding to Ronda Rousey’s plethora of boasts and challenges that she could beat up any man on the planet.

On his podcast Tank mentioned he would pay any woman, including Ronda Rousey, $100,000 if she could beat him in a fight. If Tank won, the defeated female opponent would have to make him a sandwich.

I felt Tank Abbott’s “challenge” was an effective and humorous rejoinder to Rousey’s cage combat misandry and all around wackiness that goes largely unchallenged by adoring MMA reporters like Ben Fowlkes.

A simple review of Ronda Rousey’s behavior would cause most MMA fans to ask:

Ben Fowlkes, what is wrong with you?

Why insult Tank Abbott while giving Ronda Rousey a free pass for all her crazy comments and antics?

Ronda has a history of weird, wacky behavior. Remember her absolute trashing of Michael Phelps (22 Olympic Medals vs. Rousey’s 4th place Bronze medal) because he didn’t pay enough attention to her at a party attended by hundreds of athletes?

How about her Tweet that the Sandy Hook massacre of 20 innocent children and 6 adults was a government conspiracy?

She insulted certain female celebrities as poor role models for young girls, then gave Miesha Tate multiple flip offs displaying immature, sophomoric antics during her disastrous appearance on TUF.

Remember her hairbrained accusations of dishonesty, xenophobia and racism hurled at Miesha Tate during the filming of that reality show?

Revealing a lack of sportsmanship Ronda refused to shake Miesha’s hand after their UFC fight.

The “Rousey Beats Up Two Large Men In Movie Theater Fight” has taken on epic proportions. It’s now folklore. However it’s not true.

We know Ronda initiated the absurd boasts about beating up Cain Velasquez, Floyd Mayweather, all the fighters in the men’s UFC bantamweight division and pretty much any man in the world.

All complete rubbish of course but not a peep out of Ben Fowlkes and other MMA writers except to help Ronda spread these lies so less attention is paid to the very real fact she is afraid to fight Cris Cyborg at 145 lbs, the natural weight division for both women and the weight class Ronda offered to Gina Carano.

Ronda spewed vicious lies about Cris Cyborg being an “it” who takes horse semen and PEDs while admitting in her recent biography to a serious drug habit of narcotics and opiates for a long time during her judo career which began in her teens and lasted well into her 20’s, including how she was hooked on Vicodin and alcohol while passing pills and cash for the local drug dealer.

Rousey also revealed in a Sports Illustrated article that as a bartender she used to spit in her customer’s beer.

No one wants to watch Tank Abbott or any of these male athletes destroy Ronda Rousey in a fight, which of course is exactly what would happen should she be so foolish to “back up” her boasts.

However millions of UFC/MMA fans are waiting for Ben Fowlkes or any reporter to ask the glaringly obvious question. “Ronda, you beat up two large men at the movies, you can beat up Floyd Mayweather and Cain Velasquez…why are you too afraid to fight Cris Cyborg at 145 lbs?”

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