Todd Witteles, John Sepulveda Poker Forum Tycoons

Jasep Todd Witteles fraud poker. wsop.

John Sepulveda and Todd Witteles

This story about poker forum owners John Sepulveda aka Jasep, JohnnySep and Todd Witteles aka Dan Druff was first reported on our sister site Warrior Forum Sucks. Jasep owns Vegas Poker Radio while Druff runs Poker Fraud Alert.

This saga just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

For those who missed the first article I’ll reprint it here so

you can get up to speed on these two characters.

Stay tuned to my next few posts. I’ll update you on the latest twists, turns, hypocrisy, lies and mind numbing stupidity.

John Sepulveda Todd Witteles

Jasep’s Empty Suit

Poker Fraud Alert About Todd Witteles + John Sepulveda

Today I will report about two other online forums and their owners, Poker Fraud Alert run by Todd Witteles aka Dan Druff and Vegas Poker Radio forum aka Filthy Limper Radio run by John Sepulveda aka Jasep and JohnnySep.

These forums receive very little traffic (especially Vegas Poker Radio forum) but serve as excellent examples of seemingly benign online forums that offer the potential for defrauding their readers and members.

For full disclosure Todd Witteles, John Sepulveda and some of their associates are the subject of investigative research to discover if they have violated criminal and civil laws (Federal and State) concerning cyber stalking, slander, libel, defamation of character, harassment, copyright infringement and more. I will cover this in future articles but this post will address fraud as it relates to John Sepulveda and Todd Witteles’ failure to recognize it in time.

You see, while researching their potential criminal and civil misconduct against me I discovered some very interesting facts about Todd Witteles and his forum member John Sepulveda. I’ll expose one of these verifiable truths today (more to come in the future).

A little background.

Todd Wittteles and John Sepulveda are cyber bullies. In fact, in the past Todd has taken his despicable behavior offline when he spied on and stalked one of his forum members by visiting the victim’s home to take photographs and video he later used to harass the victim.

Both Todd and John have directly attacked me and enlisted their associates to do the same. Of course I will use all legal remedies available but I also have this popular website to expose Dan Druff and Jasep. That is something they didn’t count on.

Todd Witteles is a poker player. He won a significant poker tournament @ 8 years ago. John Sepulveda is also a poker player, although much less accomplished than Dan Druff. Jasep is a small stakes grinder.

Todd Witteles started his forum, Poker Fraud Alert, ostensibly to expose fraud and dirty dealings in the poker community. John Sepulveda is a member of PFA who decided to start his own forum. The two owners allow cross postings between the forums and have appeared as guests and co hosts on their respective forum podcasts.

This where it gets interesting. Witteles allowed Jasep to post a BAP on Poker Fraud Alert. In poker terms a ‘BAP’ is an acronym meaning Buy A Piece of my action. It’s simply a poker player selling or offering shares of his poker play (tournament or cash games) and splitting any potential winnings with the investors.

Jasep raised @ $5,000 for his most recent BAP. However, what John Sepulveda did not tell potential BAP investors is that Jasep recently experienced eviction and debt collection problems. Would any investor really risk sending money to a mediocre poker player who was facing eviction?

Todd Witteles Jasep

Jasep Arrested For Fraud

More disturbing is the fact that the Johnston, RI Police Department for Feb. 7 to Feb. 10, 2011 reported that John Sepulveda of 19 Warren Ave., North Providence, was arrested and charged with felony identity fraud!

A simple check of any of Jasep’s websites reveals he registered them from 19 Warren Ave., Apt 5, North Providence. That’s a condo John Sepulveda rented. I’m not sure if he still lives there because that condo is listed for sale at $55,000.

Here is a summary of the report provided to Johnston Patch by the Johnston Police Department:

Identity Fraud Arrest

John A. Sepulveda, 30, of 19 Warren Ave., North Providence, was arrested and charged with felony identity fraud.

On Aug. 31, 2010 Rachel Pineda went to the Johnston Police headquarters to report an identity theft that took place in 2009. Pineda told the police that she received a call from a collection agency trying to collect $1,088 for a loan that was in her name, according to the police report. The loan agent provided Pineda with the contact email address that was used on the loan application, along with the mailing address.

The mailing address was for a vacant residence next door to hers. The email address belonged to Pineda’s ex-boyfriend, Sepulveda. An arrest warrant was issued for Sepulveda after he agreed to make a full payment on the loan and neglected to do so twice. He was released on $2,500 personal recognizance.


This is the type of diligence Todd Witteles employs to protect his readers from potential fraud. The Poker Fraud Alert forum promotes investments from a man, John Sepulveda aka Jasep who has been arrested for fraud! Todd had nothing to do with the fraud but unfortunately he failed to “alert” anyone about Jasep.

Now that’s a real Poker Fraud Alert.

More about Todd Witteles and John Sepulveda from poker blogger Scotty Clark:

Todd Witteles 1

Todd Witteles 2

Todd Witteles 3

Update: Watch for my next few posts to discover how the wheels are coming off.


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