How To Sneak Into A LA Dodgers’ Game and Eat and Drink For Free

Regular readers of Six Toed Pete know that I’ve been refuting and debunking a plethora of lies spread my cyber harasser, obscure limit poker player and Los Angeles Dodger fan Todd Witteles.

Todd was upset with a few articles I wrote about him but he couldn’t find a single error in any of my Todd Witteles posts. Frustrated, he decided to shoot the messenger.

He ratcheted up an online campaign of hate and harassment against me hoping he could later bargain the removal of his lies about me for my deletion of the truth about him.

Part 3 of the Todd Witteles cyberstalker chronicles is now published!

In Todd Witteles Part 1 and Todd Witteles Part 2 I address his unsubstantiated and ridiculous claim that I have been scamming innocent victims for years. Todd Witteles is a liar who will be punished for his lies but today I wanted to inject some levity as I deal with Witteles’ hornet’s nest of deceit and mendacity.

This is a real, although humorous scam. Even Todd might be interested because it concerns his favorite MLB team, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Here Mike from “The Hacks Of Life” demonstrates how to attend a Dodgers’ game, enjoy beer and cocktails, eat a Dodger Dog and snag a souvenir baseball without spending a dime. I wonder how long it will be before Todd Witteles claims I taught Mike how to do this?


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