Cris Cyborg Should Fight Ronda Rousey at 145lbs. Fans Deserve No Less

Cris Cyborg Ronda Rousey 145lbs

Cris Cyborg

It’s important to recognize that Ronda Rousey’s (and her fans’) insistence on fighting Cris Cyborg at 135lbs is based on fear. Why Cris Cyborg goes back and forth or even considered facing Rousey at 135lbs is confusing. Perhaps she needs and/or wants a big money fight. That is understandable but as I will explain, Cris can have the huge super fight payday at 145lbs.

Cris should end all talk about cutting to 135lbs. When asked Cris should reply that 135lbs is Ronda Rousey’s fear excuse.

State clearly that she will fight Ronda anywhere any time at 145lbs. Back it up with the undeniable facts and evidence that Rousey has fought at 145lbs many times plus has competed in MMA at 147lbs and once at 150lbs.

Cris should mention repeatedly that Rousey participated in judo at 154lbs and offered to fight Gina Carano and Laila Ali at 145lbs in the UFC. Hammer away at Rousey’s many hypocritical (and absurd) boasts that she could defeat Cain Velasquez, Floyd Mayweather, any male UFC fighter and any female fighter in the world. Call Ronda a liar and a coward because if she believed those boasts she would accept a 145lb fight with Cris Cyborg without delay.

Cris Cyborg is an intelligent, well spoken young woman. Even with English as her second language she is capable of turning Rousey’s own remarks against her.

Cris should respond to Ronda’s slurs and falsehoods about steroids by pointing to her many clean tests over the past 5 years, then turn the argument on its head by asking if Ronda Rousey has fell off the wagon and started using the serious drugs she admitted being hooked on from her teens well into her 20’s.

Some of her ridiculous comments in the press would
certainly give some folks pause. All the drugs Rousey admitted using were banned by the governing bodies in judo and MMA.

Ronda Rousey afraid fears ducks Cris Cyborg

Ronda Rousey

Cris Cyborg failed one test for a diuretic steroid pill @ 5 years ago. She’s passed 10-11 tests since. In her recent biography Ronda Rousey admits she had a serious drug habit. Ronda used narcotics and opiates for a long time during her judo career and only stopped using when she committed to being a MMA fighter. Ronda gives specifics about her drug habit which began in her teens and lasted well into her 20’s, including how she was hooked on Vicodin and alcohol.

She revealed that while working at a sleazy Malibu bar she passed pills and cash for the local drug dealer. By her own detailed revelations Ronda Rousey was a narcotic/opiate junkie and alcoholic.

Kudos to Ronda for kicking her drug habit but she is a hypocrite each time she defames Cris Cyborg for using a weight cutting pill @ 5 years ago.

Ronda’s history contains an arsenal of facts and evidence Cris Cyborg could use to silence Rousey’s lies about Cris.

No one except Rousey and some of her fans want to watch an emaciated, sub-par Cris Cyborg fight for a 135lb belt she doesn’t even care about. True MMA fans want to see these two great female athletes fight each other at their best…and that has always been 145lbs, the natural fighting weight of both women.

Of course Ronda Rousey and the UFC protecting her will push back with their tired, empty excuses and lies. That’s when Cris Cyborg should laugh at their reasoning, all meant to protect Rousey. Repeatedly challenge Ronda to fight at 145lbs. Stop the nonsense of trying to cut to 135lbs just to appease Rousey and her protector, the UFC.

Don’t cave just for a big payday. Stay steadfast while pressuring Ronda and the UFC. Be willing to walk away because if you are…Ronda and the UFC will have to accede to your demands and make the fight at 145lbs.

Remember this super fight and all the millions in revenue associated with it cannot and will not happen without Cris Cyborg’s say so. That is a very powerful negotiating position.

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  1. Anonymous
    May 15, 2016 at 11:43 pm

    great article. I hope that Ronda faces up to what she has to do, finally

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